We strive to provide our customers with the premium quality of cord seasoned firewood in the area.  With 30+ years of firewood and logging experience our customers consider us the firewood experts in Michigan!


10:00AM - 5:00PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are our customers?  Our customers come from a pretty big circle on the map surrounding Canton.  We service customers in Livonia, Northville, Plymouth, Westland, Novi and other surrounding cities.  Stop in during business hours and pickup your firewood today!

What are your hours? 

Weds. through Sat.
10:00AM - 5:00PM

What forms of payment do you accept?  We accept personal checks, business checks and cash.

How much wood do I need for a winter season?  A face cord (also known as a rick) is 8 ft. long and 4 ft. high.  This is about 200 pieces of wood.  A typical 2-3 hour evening fire uses about 7 pieces of wood, so a face cord should last about 25 nights.

How do I know when firewood is ready to burn?  Look for gray or darkened, brittle wood that has lots of cracks in the inner rings.  If split open, seasoned wood is white inside but dry to the touch.  Green wood is shiny and is heavy and wet to the touch.  You can often see the water in the grain and this is wood that is not ready to burn.